Our Story

The School of Entrepreneurship exists to create entrepreneurs because they possess the ability to spur economic growth and improve living standards for all.

Our Purpose

The Team

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Leon lategan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Eugeine Geyser

Chief Marketing Officer

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Jan Pretorius

Chief Technical Officer

Sylvia Malinowski

Brand Ambassador

Linda Boyd

Customer Experience

Danielle Mentor

Customer Experience

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Salomi Mostert

Business Development


Moses Ade-Ena

Ambassador - Ghana


Kioko S.Kitolo

Ambassador - Kenya


Tosin Katto

Ambassador - Nigeria


Victor Chibesa

Ambassador - Zambia

Our Mission

Unemployment divides our nation in ways which we can't always see but deeply feel at a societal level.

At the School of Entrepreneurship, we recognise that entrepreneurs are at the heartbeat of new job creation. And lower unemployment leads to safer communities with wealthier, healthier and happier people.

Thus, advancing entrepreneurship plays a key role in alleviating the unemployment crisis.

At the School of Entrepreneurship, accomplished entrepreneurs equip the youth through online training and coaching programmes with the mindset and skills they need to become capable entrepreneurs.

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