Our International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme 3.0 (iEMP 3.0) helps aspiring and existing entrepreneurs…

"Start a business within 3 months that's optimised to maximise sales from day one by following our S3 Business Launch Framework™ under the guidance of accomplished entrepreneurs who coach you!"

Starts 1 September 2022

Enrolment Now Open

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iEMP 3.0

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iEMP 3.0

Introducing the

International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme 3.0

Looking to turn your passion into profit? Want to turn an idea into income? Perhaps you want to start your own business but you just don't know where to begin?

Either way, join the International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme (or "iEMP 3.0" for short) starting on 1 September 2022.

You'll get the coaching, roadmap, and support you need to start a business within 3 months ... a business that's optimised to maximise sales from day one through efficient customer conversion, so that you can rapidly generate the revenue you need to survive and ultimately thrive ... by following our groundbreaking S3 Business Launch Framework.

All without uncertainty or overwhelm because you are following under the guidance of accomplished entrepreneurs who coach you.

iEMP 3.0

What you get with the

iEMP 3.0

In the 1st year you get coaching with the main aim being to help you SetUP and StartUP your business within 3 months. Thereafter, the coaching continues but you also get mentoring which continues into the 2nd year with the goal now being to help you ScaleUP a sustainable business.


World-class coaching provided by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs


Comprehensive curriculum covering 50+ areas of modern entrepreneurship


S3 Business Launch Framework™ offering a roadmap from SetUP to StartUP to ScaleUP


Enneagram assessment and report debriefing with a certified Enneagram coach


BONUS: Ongoing support through business sustainability mentoring once your business is up and running


BONUS: Lifetime access to the iEMP and SoE community plus business directory


BONUS: GrowthKit web marketing platform with all the tools you need to generate leads and sales online

Online group coaching and mentoring sessions

Streamed live on weekdays (excluding holidays)

Starts at 9 AM and ends at 10 AM (SAST or GMT+2)

Interactive with Q&A at the end of each session

Accompanied by assignments, exercises, and case studies

Personalised guidance from an accountability coach

Recorded and available to watch online without limits

What makes the iEMP 3.0 so


from everything else?

The iEMP 3.0 works so well because of the unique structure which:

Takes you through a comprehensive curriculum covering 50+ areas of modern entrepreneurship, imparting all the knowledge you need to become a confident and capable entrepreneur.
Affords you direct access to world-class coaches who are not only subject matter experts in their respective fields but accomplished entrepreneurs too.
Offers you practical training through live and interactive online group coaching sessions on a daily basis plus weekly accountability sessions to keep you on track.
Gives you a clear path to follow through the S3 Business Launch Framework™, showing you the exact steps you need to take to SetUP, StartUP and ScaleUP your business.
Makes sure your new business is ready to maximise sales from day one since it's optimised for customer conversion because you addressed the 10 "Ps" of efficient customer acquisition.
Helps you put together your Business Launch Plan with our Launch Plan Builder which becomes the action plan for launching and running your business, step-by-step.
Supports you through mentoring and accountability sessions so that you turn your newfound knowledge into income-producing skills right away without procrastination.
Grants you complimentary use of GrowthKit, our all-in-one web marketing platform with all the vital tools you need to showcase your business and sell your products online, all in one place.
Reveals your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type which gives you insight into your intrinsic motivators, strengths and weaknesses while guiding you towards accelerated development and success.
Integrates you into a community of entrepreneurs where you get to connect and interact with fellow students, and even do business together through referral networking initiatives.

Let us take the


out of starting your business for you

leon feature

Leon Lategan

School of Entrepreneurship’s Founder, CEO and Head Coach


Shadrack Kitolo Kioko

Managing Director of EMAC Consultants LTD

Hi, my name is Leon Lategan and I’m the School of Entrepreneurship’s Founder, CEO and Head Coach.

I've been an entrepreneur for more than 30+ years and have experience in starting, building and scaling numerous businesses in various markets, making millions in the process.

I’m known as South Africa’s #1 Conversion Optimisation Specialist.

That is to say…

My speciality lies in helping business owners optmise their customer conversion strategy so they can maximise their sales and revenue.

Here’s a quick example…

The success story of my client Hilton Mbengo and his startup business The Paint Boys, demonstrates the impact of a simple intervention that optimised his customer conversion process.

He went from earning just R4 000 per month to earning almost R100 000 per month in under 6 months of us working together.

And here’s what he had to say: 

Hilton Mbengo
Hilton bakkie 1
Hilton bakkie 2

I’ve trained over 35,000 entrepreneurs (from the solo-preneur to mega-preneur) from more than 140 cities around the world.

My 96% client success rate and 164 five-star reviews (out of 170) on Google My Business is proof-positive that my conversion-driven approach to business is hyper effective.

Reviews on Google

Moreover, at the School of Entrepreneurship (SoE) I have an unparalleled team of coaches — who are accomplished entrepreneurs in their own right — helping me to equip our students for success in business. 

We live and breathe entrepreneurship. And we want to teach you all the vital lessons we’ve learnt while building our businesses ... EVERYTHING we wish we knew when we got started ... so you can SetUP, StartUP and ScaleUP your business without overwhelm or fear of failure.


World-class coaching provided by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs


Comprehensive curriculum covering 50+ areas of modern entrepreneurship


Your Purpose
Mindset & Motivation
Time Management
Your Thinking Style
Speaking & Pitching
Types of Entrepreneurship
Creativity & Innovation
Change Management
Goal Setting
Opportunity Selection & Management
Market Research
Business Ideation
Business Model Design
Product Development & Pricing


Ideal Prospect Profiling
Value Proposition Development
Branding & Identity
Reputation Management
Public Relations
Social Media
Content Writing & SEO
Video & Podcasting
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Sales Skills
Referral Networking
Partnerships & Joint Ventures
Website Development
Sales Funnels


Teamwork & Collaboration
Customer Experience Optimisation
Customer Relationship Management
Performance Criteria Measurement
Accounting Essentials
Cash Flow Management
Legal Essentials
Systems & Processes
B-BBEE for Small Businesses
Project Management
Software & Tools
Process Automation
Business Financing
Financial Planning
Investment Strategies
Securing Venture Capital
Resilience & Wellbeing


BONUS: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain


S3 Business Launch Framework™ offering a roadmap from SetUP to StartUP to ScaleUP

S3 Business Launch Framework

The S3 Business Launch Framework™ offers the surest path for anyone serious about doing what it takes to start a business in pursuit of more financial and lifestyle freedom, making an impact, and living life on their terms.

And today you are going to discover the exact steps you should be taking to start a business that's optimised for efficient customer conversion and ready to maximise sales and revenue from the day you "open your doors" for business!

Let me put it like this…

Imagine you had a super-intelligent telescope that gives you the ability to peer months or years into the future of your business.

A perceptive telescope that allows you to clear away all the doubts about starting your business…

… and removes all the uncertainty about where your customers are going to come from…

… while allowing you to see the whole pathway of your business…

… eliminating your fear of failing that comes from not knowing what to do or when to do it.

That perceptive telescope is our S3 Business Launch Framework™.

And you don't have to imagine…

It’s real and right now you have a window of opportunity (for a limited time only) to join our upcoming International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme 3.0 and follow our S3 Business Launch Framework™ to start your business under the guidance of our accomplished coaching team.

The S3 Business Launch Framework™ gives you a crystal clear roadmap from SetUP to StartUP to ScaleUP

S3 Business Launch Framework-roadmap

This is how the

S3 Business Launch Framework™ 

helps you start a business that's optimised for customer conversion

As part of the framework, you address 10 "Ps" that affect customer acquisition. In the process, you determine how you will efficiently convert prospects into customers predictably, consistently and profitably, primarily by ensuring:

Product/Prospect fit - Aligning the key benefits and ultimate outcome that your product provides with the desires of your ideal prospect/customer.
Message/Market fit - Marketing a persuasive value proposition that's unique, clear, and compelling so that it not only gets you attention but generates revenue too.


Capitalise on your personal strengths so that you can serve your customers to the best of your abilities.


Clarify your reasons for being in business so that you are 100% motivated to make your dream a reality.


Identify the ideal prospect for your business so that it becomes easy to target and attract them to you.


Pinpoint an urgent painful problem that your prospect will pay for and that you can solve with your expertise.


Develop the perfect product that does a better job of solving your prospect’s problem than everyone else.


Set the right price for your product to make it an irresistible offer that melts resistance and maximises sales.


Communicate your unique value proposition in a clear and compelling way so that prospects pay attention.


Set up an optimised online marketing platform that turns your ideal prospects into leads and customers.


Launch captivating marketing initiatives that get attention and attract prospects to your online platform.


Put a powerful sales process and script in place that qualifies your prospects and convinces them to buy.


Enneagram assessment and report debriefing with a certified Enneagram coach


The Enneagram is a sense-making tool and framework that enables the development of self-awareness. 

At the start of the programme, you will take the Enneagram Assessment and discover your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type (EET).

Moreover, you get a detailed report on your Enneagram Type and a debriefing session with an accredited Enneagram Coach on your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type.

Your results give you insight into your core personality traits as it reveals your intrinsic motivators, strengths and weaknesses while it guides you to create the changes needed in yourself to become the best version of yourself and ultimately a more successful entrepreneur.

Armed with this self-knowledge, you can customise your learning path for accelerated development and success.


Ongoing support through business sustainability mentoring in year two

Once you've started your business, you get to attend a monthly group mentoring session with Leon Lategan. In these sessions, you receive personalised advice, get help making tough decisions so that you can get unstuck, overcome your challenges, and grow your revenue while learning from fellow entrepreneurs in your group.



Lifetime access to the iEMP and SoE community plus business directory

When you sign up for the iEMP 3.0, you get future access to all the upcoming editions of the iEMP. Furthermore, at the School of Entrepreneurship (SoE) you are integrated into a community of entrepreneurs where you get to establish professional relationships with fellow students (past and current), and connect through referral networking initiatives to do business together.


GrowthKit web marketing platform with all the tools you need to generate leads and sales online


As a free bonus, you get a complimentary 6-month subscription to our all-in-one web marketing platform called GrowthKit - valued at R2 880!

This amazing, "drag 'n drop easy" platform allows you to quickly create a professional online presence in a few hours or days (not weeks or months), without coding or technical expertise … so you don't have to hire a developer to get your business online.

You get all the tools you need to showcase and market your business in one place:

1 Custom domain
Connect your very own domain to your GrowthKit account to boost your credibility.
20 Landing pages
Building pages is drag and drop easy. You can create any type of landing page without touching code.
10GB Storage space
Get enough online storage for all your digital landing page assets.
5 E-commerce store products
Sell anything: physical or digital products, services and memberships. Take single or recurring payments, offer upsells and more.
100 CRM contacts
Store and manage all your contacts in one place. Access detailed profiles for every lead, customer, client and member.
25 Website members
Allow your members to access their digital products in a secured content area. Manage your members through your CRM.
100 Email subscribers
Send mobile-responsive emails as campaigns or automated sequences. A/B test your subject lines or content for better results.
Free web hosting
No need to worry about expensive web hosting. We will host all your landing pages, for free.

What some of our students are

saying about their experience

Your success depends on four pillars

and the International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme 3.0 provides three


Interactive Coaching

Knowledge and skills you need to be a confident and capable entrepreneur



S3 Business Launch Framework™ leading you from dreamer to business owner



Personalised guidance to help you build a profitable and sustainable business

YOU are the 4th pillar!

You must be dedicated to your dream and driven to succeed; take instruction from your coaches and implement what you learn.

Male student

Are you ready to start your business without uncertainty or overwhelm...

… because you’re following the S3 Business Launch Framework™ under the guidance of successful entrepreneurs? Then go ahead and enrol right now!

The 2-year International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme 3.0 is starting on 1 September 2022 and includes all of the following valued at $3 299:

Comprehensive curriculum and world-class coaching ($2 000 value)
S3 Business Launch Framework™ and Launch Plan Builder ($680 value)
Enneagram Assessment and report, plus debriefing session ($99 value)
BONUS: 12-module training series on Crypto & The Blockchain ($330 value)
BONUS: 6-month GrowthKit web marketing platform subscription ($190 value)
BONUS: Lifetime access to the iEMP and SoE community (PRICELESS!)

The total value of the iEMP 3.0 comes to $3 299 by conservative estimate, and we can charge that if we want to help only a small group of entrepreneurs.

But you aren’t going to pay nearly that much because our purpose is to make a massive impact by helping 10 000 entrepreneurs start new businesses during the next 5 years.

Thus, you can enrol in the iEMP 3.0 for a single payment of only $1 295.

But for a limited time only you won't pay that much either...

We are running a special discount offer because we want to create a surge of success stories through the upcoming iEMP 3.0 ... and that means, you have a window of opportunity to get 55% off and save $700 right now!

Your discount is activate right now so you are be able to enrol in the iEMP 3.0 for only $595 or as little as $69 per month on a payment plan ... but only until the clock runs out.


GET 55% OFF & SAVE $700

Plus you are covered by our

14-Day Fee Payback Guarantee

You have 14 full days to test-drive the International Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme 3.0 once it starts i.e. from 1 till 14 September 2022.

Enrol risk-free, find out what all the buzz is about, and see how we help you become a capable and confident entrepreneur. But if you feel we're not a good fit for you, simply email us and we'll give your money back.

No risk, no hassles, no hard feelings. Our 14-Day Fee Payback Guarantee has you covered so you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Female student
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